Who are we?

Vimala Earth is an organization dedicated to promoting sustainability and environmental well-being.

What do we do?

We gather data on litter, air pollution, and water pollution worldwide to gain a comprehensive understanding of environmental challenges. It all starts with taking a picture. We clean up communities all over the world to address immediate pollution issues and improve living conditions. We offer a sustainable products range, ensuring that our offerings align with eco-friendly practices.

Why do we do it?

Our primary goal is to create a sustainable future for the planet and its inhabitants. We believe in dealing with pollution systematically through data-driven insights to identify root causes and implement effective solutions. Our multi-faceted approach acknowledges that sustainability can be achieved through various means, and we aim to address environmental challenges from different angles to have a lasting impact.

Global Eco-Map

Our app's interactive map enables users to explore litter trends, water and air quality in one convenient location. By taking pictures of street litter & water pollution in particular, we can systematically understand where the hot spots are, and the kinds of pollution as well.

Join us in our mission

Join us in our mission to restore clean and green streets! We're using cutting-edge technology to map, track, and remove litter, and even monitor air and water quality. Let's work together to keep our environment healthy and beautiful. Join the fun today!

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At Vimala, our goal is crystal clear - to reduce litter on the streets and educate people on the damaging effects of littering on the environment.

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